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America's Cup World Series

The America's Cup is flying the Italian flag. AfterVenice’s successful bid, the city ofNapleshas also been selected to host two AC World Series events in the run-up to sailing’s most prestigious international regatta, followed by millions of sailing fans around the world: the America’s Cup.

Make a note of these dates in your diary: 7-15 April 2012 and 11-19 May 2013. This is when when AC World Series racing will be coming to Naples.

The AC village will be housed in the Villa Comunale, Naples’ waterfront park, while the race course itself will be close by, just off the shore, enabling spectators to watch the boats battling it out from along the entire seafront as well as from the promontory of Posillipo. Nine teams are expected to be competing, and with four events being hosted inItalyit seems only natural that this should include the iconic Italian team Luna Rossa Challenge.

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